Friday, August 8, 2008

10 Reasons to Join The Email Revealer Affiliate Program

Did you know that many top affiliate marketers are exceptionally successful in their online endeavors because they market unique niche programs? They do this to highly diminish or well nigh eliminate competition and make more money in the process.
The online investigation niche is just one of those unique niches that deliver incredibly targeted interest and equally incredible earnings potential. Here then are 10 reasons why joining the E-mail Revealer affiliate program could benefit your bottom line.
1. E-mail Revealer is a credible company with an established online presence in investigation encompassing online infidelity investigation, cyber investigations and more. A Google search of relative terms for this business will net you concrete information on their solid reputation. You’ll have no doubt that you’re dealing with a highly regarded, trustworthy company.
2. Ed Opperman, owner of E-mail Revealer, is involved in not only the day-to-day operation of this investigative business but is also personally available to answer and attend to client questions and needs. He is in it for the long haul; unlike so many others that have disappeared within a few months of beginning on and offline investigative operations.
3. The advent of the Internet presents the investigative field with untold making money opportunities. Cheating spouses, the need to locate lost loved ones and cyber crimes has given rise to creating this lucrative affiliate program.
4. Joining E-mail Revealer is quick and easy. You’ll receive approval within minutes after you apply and can start making money right away.
5. The 10% commission rate offered is generous and provides substantial income opportunity that can conceivably outdistance that of information products. Dealing with larger ticket items make this possible.
6. E-mail Revealer offers an attractive 30-day cookie that tracks visitors to your affiliate site. When they return and purchase services you’ll get paid.
7. Payment to you is via PayPal, the most common and trusted payment processor on the Internet today.
8. Notification emails are sent to you every time you make a sale. Imagine the super motivation you’ll experience to make more sales whenever you receive one of these.
9. Check you stats and sales figures whenever you’d like from your carefully guarded password protected, members only area.
10. Make unlimited income at the speed of your life with this worldwide affiliate program.
These 10 reasons to join Ed Opperman over at as an affiliate are your ticket to the life you’ve dreamed of having. If you would like to make money in this highly active income producing niche, this is definitely one to check out.


Tasida said...

You write very well.

Talbot Security Services said...

We are an affiliate for email revealer and can verify that this seems to be a very good program and a good product.