Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can A Reverse Email Search Report Be Used As Evidence In Court?

If you are a victim of a cyber stalker or some kind of online fraud, deflation or harassment you may be considering using a reverse email search to identify the person behind the email address that you are having trouble with. One major factor to consider is whether or not you can use that report in a court of law. This is a very serious consideration and we will attempt to address that question in this article. Because there are many misconceptions about this topic. Some people mistakenly feel that the only evidence that could be used in court must be obtained through a subpoena on the ISP.

If you go online and search for a reverse email search most of the services you'll find are simply instant data base searches. These are instant searches that makes use of large data bases like Facebook users and MySpace users and people that use their email address to subscribe to online newsletters and such things. While this may be a nice simple first step in an investigation it is not evidence that can be used in court.

If you need to locate or identify a person from an email address and you are not able to use the subpoena process but you need a report that can be submitted to law enforcement or used in court your first step is a reverse email trace report. This is a thorough investigation into the real identity behind the email address. A private investigator will take he time to not only run the email through several different databases but also examine the headers, trace the IP address and also email the email with several pretexts to trick or trap the person into revealing their identity.

This kind of investigation will return a report in email format. In some cases this basic report can be turned over to law enforcement or used as an exhibit in lower courts such as small claims, TPO court or Family court appearances. But if you need something more that is available also.
The investigator can provide a report supported by a notarized affidavit of his findings outlining his investigation step by step and explaining exactly how he obtaining the identifying information on the email without a subpoena and without breaking the law.

This can be incredibly hard evidence, including an audio recording of the subject of the investigation identifying himself as the person behind the email.

So if anyone tells you that you can't use a reverse email trace report in court and can only use evidence obtained via subpoena they are simply misinformed.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do You Think Your Husband Is Gay Or On The Down Low?

Have you ever saw your man paying extra attention to a certain male than a female? Does he dress exceptionally well? Does he take longer than you to get ready when going out on the town? There may be a chance that your man prefers the same sex as himself. Does anyone in your family or circle of friends say that they think your husband may be gay? If your curious there is a way to find out.

He might not be completely in to the same sex but he could be dabbling a little or even experimenting. He might be occasionally visiting gay bars or be a member of a gay dating website. You can hire a private investigator to run a infidelity search to see if he may in fact belong to a gay dating website.

Men who are "experimenting" could very well be gay they are just not ready to tell anyone, or scared and ashamed to do so. Although they could also be using there female girlfriend or wife as a cover to prevent anyone who knows him of finding out the truth that he is choosing to hide. With the infidelity search you can uncover whether or not this is happening in your relationship. The search will find out if he is a member of a site, the name of the site and what that website consists of.

Although being interested in the same sex is of course a personal choice that everyone has the right to have, it is still cheating if for whatever reason that man is with you. It's wrong and you have the right to know. So don't wait and continue to wonder. Find out now. The sooner the better. So if you think your husband may be straying but with other men this is for you. Hire someone to give you piece of mind so you can take the necessary steps to get out of the relationship and actually be with someone who is interested in you and only you.

The choice is yours of course but the chance of contracting a s.t.d is high. That a risk you are taking if you suspect something. So who is it gonna hurt, you will put your suspicions to rest and save yourself the grief. The best way to find out if your man is out cruising other men is aan Internet infidelity investigation to trace his email back to secret online activity.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Do You Need a Subpeona To Obtain a Persons Banking And Financial Records?

You may be thinking that the only way you can obtain a persons financial information is through a court ordered subpoena duces tucem or by police though a search warrant. This is not true, in many cases as long as you have a legal and permissible reason to need this kind of information a private can legally investigate and obtain it for you. This can be done in compliance with all applicable laws such as the 1999 Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.
In many cases a private investigator can use an asset search investigation to discover a great deal of banking and financial information without having to subpoena. An asset search investigation when conducted by a professional with many years of experience can recover a great deal of financial and even banking information about a person. Of course one you have identified which institution the subject is banking at a subpoena can be used to obtain actual bank statements, records and deposits, withdrawals etc.

If you are in need to obtain banking and financial information about a person your first call should be to a private investigator that is experienced in asset search investigation. A standard, basic asset search can locate bank accounts, property, real estate, vehicles and much more financial information about a person. Once you have this information you can use the subpoena process to serve each institution located to turn over all records relating to your court case.

It may be difficult to find an investigator that has expertise in this area. Not every investigator will do asset searches. It's a specialized field of investigation. Also recent legislation has made it unlawful to use the old standard techniques the private detectives used to use to obtain this kind of financial information. In fact some investigators are so inexperienced in this are that they mistakenly believe that any kind of investigation to disconcert financial information about a person is unlawful or illegal. This is simply not true.

A very basic search of public records such and real property records can reveal banking information about a person. Property records are public information that anyone can view without any kind of subpoena or court order. Many times this recorded document will include first and second mortgages associated with the property. This will reveal banking information that a trained investigator can follow up on, legally without a subpoena, and return financial banking information about the person being investigate.

Now this is just one very simple obvious method that anyone can do. But keep in mind that a professional investigator that has been doing this for years has literally hundreds of such avenues of perfectly legally obtainable financial information that does not initially require a court order or subpeona duces tucem. Anyone that tells you it is illegal or unlawful to obtain financial information about a subject without a subpoena is simply misinformed. They are acting on old outdated misinformation.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Most Common Reasons For an Internet Infidelity Investigation

There are many reasons why a person would want to hire a private investigator for an online infidelity investigation, to trace an email back to secret Internet personal ads and social networking sites. Some Internet Infidelity Investigations can also locate Escort Service sites, Gambling sites and porn sites. These are the most common reasons why a person would enlist a private investigator for such an investigation.

1. Suspect Cheating - The main reason people use this type of service is that they have noticed signs of cheating in their spouse,. This has roused their suspicions but they have no hard proof. They see their spouse testing and chatting online. Sending frequent emails and behaving secretive around their computer or mobile device.

2. Suspect a Porn Addiction - The basic Internet search of online dating sites can be expanded to include porn sites, swinger sites, cam sites and even escort service sites. Any spouse that suspects these kinds of activity can use this service to get proof using only their spouses email address.

3. Evidence For Child Custody Evaluation - It is very common for a person involved in child custody litigation to need evidence of inappropriate behavior in their spouse. Evidence of a porn addiction, dug use, gambling addiction or other inappropriate behavior can be obtained and documented in a report you can use in court. The basic Internet Infidelity investigation can recover very damning evidence. But if it's expanded on and the social networks and dating site ads are used as an entry into further contact and communication and interaction with the subject. Producing even more evidence and or testimony.

5. Suspect Homosexuality - Many times a spouse may suspect their partner is on the down low. A secret bisexual. This can easily be confirmed with the infidelity investigation. Often times the email address will be traced back to a homosexual dating service. You can then follow up with a personal ad investigation and attempt to set up a meeting or exchange phone numbers and pictures. It's hard to deny infidelity when you're caught exchanging emails and pictures, phone numbers with strangers online.

I's important understand the gravity of online infidelity. any people think it's just harmless flirting but one out of four online flirting situations lead to real life meeting. There are serious dangers involved with meeting strangers over the Internet. Like STDs,black mail, broken families, divorce and custody litigation. Online infidelity not a joking matter and if you suspect it, you should check it out to be sure you know what is going on under your roof and what your family is being exposed to.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

What Happens Now?

After the discovery ofinfidelity, what then you ask yourself? How can I go on knowing my partner has cheated on me? What will happen to me, to my family? What will people think when they find out? Will they think it is something I did? During the in between moments of anger, hurt, denial, anger, hurt and denial, these are some of the questions that roll around in the minds of those cheated on. Especially women, usually their concerns are what will I do now or what will happen to my children, to me? Should I take the cheater back, should I walk away? One’s world has been turned upside down and inside out when something like this happens. How can any rational decision be made in the midst of such emotional turmoil?

Most women choose to stay in the relationship after the discovery of infidelity because they do not know what else to do. Some stay in the relationship because they think it was a one time “mistake”. Others stay because they love their partner. But the truth is that beneath all those thoughts, most stay because they are not prepared to do anything but remain where they are!

With all the tumultuous feelings floating around, the last thing one can think of at this time is; what type of plan do I have to fall back on. There lies the root of feelings of dis-empowerment, of feeling out of control. And most are so hurt and angry at the discovery of infidelity that they are immersed in those feelings, they can only think of why, who, where? There isn’t any opening of logical thinking while in the midst of the pain of infidelity.

So with this said, one of the most important things that you can do for yourselves is to have a Plan. When one can step back a little from the myriad emotions of infidelity and create a plan for themselves and their family, then you are empowering yourselves. Remember one of the most devastating things of infidelity is feeling that someone has taken away your choices. By making a plan, it acts as a touchstone for yourself and your sense of worth.

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