Thursday, February 7, 2013

Most Common Reasons For an Internet Infidelity Investigation

There are many reasons why a person would want to hire a private investigator for an online infidelity investigation, to trace an email back to secret Internet personal ads and social networking sites. Some Internet Infidelity Investigations can also locate Escort Service sites, Gambling sites and porn sites. These are the most common reasons why a person would enlist a private investigator for such an investigation.

1. Suspect Cheating - The main reason people use this type of service is that they have noticed signs of cheating in their spouse,. This has roused their suspicions but they have no hard proof. They see their spouse testing and chatting online. Sending frequent emails and behaving secretive around their computer or mobile device.

2. Suspect a Porn Addiction - The basic Internet search of online dating sites can be expanded to include porn sites, swinger sites, cam sites and even escort service sites. Any spouse that suspects these kinds of activity can use this service to get proof using only their spouses email address.

3. Evidence For Child Custody Evaluation - It is very common for a person involved in child custody litigation to need evidence of inappropriate behavior in their spouse. Evidence of a porn addiction, dug use, gambling addiction or other inappropriate behavior can be obtained and documented in a report you can use in court. The basic Internet Infidelity investigation can recover very damning evidence. But if it's expanded on and the social networks and dating site ads are used as an entry into further contact and communication and interaction with the subject. Producing even more evidence and or testimony.

5. Suspect Homosexuality - Many times a spouse may suspect their partner is on the down low. A secret bisexual. This can easily be confirmed with the infidelity investigation. Often times the email address will be traced back to a homosexual dating service. You can then follow up with a personal ad investigation and attempt to set up a meeting or exchange phone numbers and pictures. It's hard to deny infidelity when you're caught exchanging emails and pictures, phone numbers with strangers online.

I's important understand the gravity of online infidelity. any people think it's just harmless flirting but one out of four online flirting situations lead to real life meeting. There are serious dangers involved with meeting strangers over the Internet. Like STDs,black mail, broken families, divorce and custody litigation. Online infidelity not a joking matter and if you suspect it, you should check it out to be sure you know what is going on under your roof and what your family is being exposed to.

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