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Can A Reverse Email Search Report Be Used As Evidence In Court?

If you are a victim of a cyber stalker or some kind of online fraud, deflation or harassment you may be considering using a reverse email search to identify the person behind the email address that you are having trouble with. One major factor to consider is whether or not you can use that report in a court of law. This is a very serious consideration and we will attempt to address that question in this article. Because there are many misconceptions about this topic. Some people mistakenly feel that the only evidence that could be used in court must be obtained through a subpoena on the ISP.

If you go online and search for a reverse email search most of the services you'll find are simply instant data base searches. These are instant searches that makes use of large data bases like Facebook users and MySpace users and people that use their email address to subscribe to online newsletters and such things. While this may be a nice simple first step in an investigation it is not evidence that can be used in court.

If you need to locate or identify a person from an email address and you are not able to use the subpoena process but you need a report that can be submitted to law enforcement or used in court your first step is a reverse email trace report. This is a thorough investigation into the real identity behind the email address. A private investigator will take he time to not only run the email through several different databases but also examine the headers, trace the IP address and also email the email with several pretexts to trick or trap the person into revealing their identity.

This kind of investigation will return a report in email format. In some cases this basic report can be turned over to law enforcement or used as an exhibit in lower courts such as small claims, TPO court or Family court appearances. But if you need something more that is available also.
The investigator can provide a report supported by a notarized affidavit of his findings outlining his investigation step by step and explaining exactly how he obtaining the identifying information on the email without a subpoena and without breaking the law.

This can be incredibly hard evidence, including an audio recording of the subject of the investigation identifying himself as the person behind the email.

So if anyone tells you that you can't use a reverse email trace report in court and can only use evidence obtained via subpoena they are simply misinformed.
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