Saturday, August 9, 2008

10 Reasons Why YOU May Want To Become an Affiliate

As an affiliate marketer, do you like to keep a sharp lookout for lucrative niches that can bring you some new, substantial, income streams?Imagine discovering a niche where thousands of hungry buyers - desperate for a solution - search the Internet every month, and yet the masses of other affiliate marketers haven't got a clue! Now put yourself into the picture. YOU are the one leading those desperate customers to the solution they seek! One after another, they whip out that credit card and gratefully purchase the product you so conveniently recommended to them.Does this sound like the stuff your dreams are made of? Perhaps it does, but you can make it your reality today, with Ed Opperman's affiliate program!Master affiliate marketers search out these niches that have high customer demand and low competition. This is one technique which brings them the big bucks. One such niche today is online investigations. Jump on this niche now, and you can enjoy the privileges reserved for only the best! has the perfect affiliate program to help bring you success in this niche. Why? There are lots of reasons, and here are 10 of them that can make a real difference in your paycheck:1. Email Revealer has thoroughly established itself as one of the leading companies in this niche. Your customers can buy with confidence from an established authority. Any Google search for relevant terms, such as online infidelity investigation or cyber investigations, points to Email Revealer as THE place to trust.2. Ed Opperman, the owner of Email Revealer, is personally involved in the day to day operation of the company. What this means to you is that you always have someone who really cares to answer your important questions.3. The market for this particular niche is huge. There are literally thousands of people looking for help with tracking down missing people, checking to see if their spouse is cheating on them, or finding out who is harassing them online. In spite of this great demand, few affiliate marketers have discovered this goldmine.4. The affiliate program makes it easy for you to start making money right away. It only takes a few minutes to complete the affiliate application. As soon as you're done, you're in! You get instant, automatic approval.5. The generous commission structure puts more money in your wallet per sale than most affiliate products on the market today.6. Do you worry about another affiliate stealing your sales? You can rest easy with this affiliate program. When your prospect visits through your affiliate link, they get a 30 day cookie. This means that if they leave the site, whenever they return for the next 30 days you will still be credited with their sale - even if they come back through another affiliate's link!7. Ed Opperman pays your affiliate commissions directly to your Paypal account. You get the ease and convenience of direct payments to the largest payment processor on the Net. No waiting for your check to arrive in the mail!8. You'll never have to wonder if your ad campaigns are working, because an email is instantly sent to you every time you make a sale. Not only does this provide you with ongoing motivation, but you can monitor your campaigns in real time.9. Your privacy and security is protected. No one has access to your affiliate stats except for you.10. Last, but not least, with the affiliate program, the world is your marketplace. Cyber investigations is an international industry, and people all over the planet need, want, and use Email Revealer services. As an affiliate, YOU can be the one bringing it to them, and earning some great commissions for your recommendations.Are 10 great reasons enough to get you excited? Now is the time to take action! Now is your chance to get in early and rake in the profits before the news of this highly lucrative niche spreads to the masses. Ed Opperman will be glad to help you get acquainted with this unique niche through the affiliate program. Go for it!

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