Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating?

Have you ever heard the phrase "online infidelity investigation"? This phrase has become increasingly popular recently as people have attempted to take on their own investigations to learn about their spouses' fidelity (or infidelity). The easiest way to complete this process is to hire a private investigator, give them your spouse's email address and let the investigator take it from there.
Private investigators have a variety of ways to find out whether or not your spouse is cheating on you. One of the methods some start with is trying to trap your spouse by placing a personal ad aimed at their tastes. The ad is placed with online dating services that they think your spouse might be frequenting—taking special care to post the ad on locally-based boards.
Staying local makes sense because, with the Internet being available all over the world, taking an online relationship to the next step would involve choosing someone in your local area that they'd have easy access to (instead of someone who lives on another continent or across the country).
The number of spouses who use the internet to cheat is alarming. What's more alarming is that there are many people out there that don’t consider online relationships a form of infidelity. What begins as an innocent interaction can very quickly turn into true infidelity on the internet. Even if your spouse keeps his/her cheating to the internet, it can lead to financial problems later on and, potentially, the ending of your marriage.
Another worry about online infidelity is that, thanks to the anonymity offered by the internet, you aren't ever truly sure about the person on the other side of the chat window. That fact alone is a good reason to start an investigation if you think your spouse is using the internet to cheat on you. That person could be setting up your family for a host of problems later on.
By hiring an online investigator to check into your spouse's fidelity online, you will be able to find out information like the other person's IP address, the type of computer they are using, their name, phone number and even (sometimes) their street address. They might even be able to present you with online conversations and videos that both parties have uploaded and looked at. You will also find out quite a bit about how your spouse is representing him/herself online. They might be telling people that they are single. They might deny having children. Do you know your spouse as well as you think you do?
It wasn't so long ago that cheating was done outside of the home. Now, thanks to the computer, cheating can happen while you are in the same room! If you think your spouse might be cheating on you, hire an online investigator to find out whether or not your suspicions are true.

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