Friday, July 25, 2008

What is Identity Theft and How to Avoid it

Identity theft (or ID theft) is when a con man uses your name, addresses and other personal information to commit fraud or other crimes. Usually apply for credit in your name for in their own financial gain. ID theft has become an increasing epidemic in the United States and all over the world, as the growth of the Internet has provided new opportunities to cash in by stealing your identity.
Some frightening statistics regarding identity theft - the fastest-growing crime in America:
Over 9 million victims a year for two years running
Over 30 million victims in past five years
Top consumer complaint to FTC five years in a row
Exactly how does it happen?
How is it possible for some dumb criminal to take your name and address and use it to obtain credit in your name? Answer: It happens because the Credit Reporting Agencies do not thoroughly check the information on credit applications. They fascilitate a loan to a criminal and stick you with the bill because they do not bother to verify the information.
How nice.

Then what is the solution?
Well according to the same Credit Reporting Agency that did not verify the information on the credit application. The solution is to pay that same credit bureau about $35 to obtain your own credit report to see if they have screwed you over and given someone else money and stuck you with the bill.

So first they create a problem for you and then want to charge you to see if you have the problem so then you can pay them again to fix the problem they just created fotr you.
How nice....for them.
Fire Prevention or Fire Extinguisher?
Let me ask you a question. Would you rather know how to extinguish a fire after it starts or prevent it from starting in the first place?
Most identity theft programs suggest you run your credit report and see if anyone has already obtained credit under your good name. This way you can know that someone has already had a field day ruining your credit, running up bills in your name and when and where they spent your money.
Why don't you see if you're vulnerable to identity theft and take steps to avoid it in the first place?
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