Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cell phone Records and Cell Phone Forensics

It's amazing to think that today the average person can play CSI detective. If they suspect their spouse is cheating they can take a cellular phone and Fed Ex it off to a lab and have a complete detailed forensic examination returned in just a few days. All for the price of a dinner and a show. We'll it's true.

Just a few years ago it was possible to go online and order copies of anyone's detailed telephone records. This was seen by many as a dangerous invasion of privacy so lawmakers in Washington DC proposed and passed laws making that practice unlawful.

Many adulterers took a heavy sigh of relief. Believing that their infidelity could no longer be uncovered by the spouse that liked to play detective.

Shortly after the laws were passed a new state of the art science called Handheld Digital Forensics" became available to the average citizen. In this science you can take any handheld digital device and recover deleted text messages, deleted pics, caller ID entries and practically anything else that was ever recorded on the device.

This science has uncovered many cheating souses. One such case involved a man that had been out late one night. His mate insisted to review his cell phone to see any pics on the device. A fight ensued and as a last desperate effort to conceal his infidelity the man smashed his phone down destroying the LCD screen. He thought he had buried his indiscretion forever.
His mate sent us the phone and we were able to retrieve all the text messages of this man arranging an appointment with an escort. We were also able to recover pics of the man receiving a sexual act from his paid prostitute.

Unfortunately the boys in the lab don't get to see the look on the mans face when his mate confronted him with the evidence but we can feel satisfied that the truth was uncovered. An unsuspecting victim of infidelity was provided picture proof and is now able to make informed educated decisions about her relationship and her future.

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