Friday, June 22, 2007 in the News

There was a blurb about us in the local papers:

Computer Forensics in 2007

Everyone that has watched an episode of CSI knows all about Computer forensics. They know that even if you delete a threatening email it's still on your computer and can be retrieved through computer forensics. In fact if you're a big fan of these TV shows and the A&E true crime documentaries you would think that crime scene investigators could recreate your online activity even if your PC has gone through Hurricane Katrina. Maybe that's just a bit of artistic license but is it?There's a growing trend in digital forensics that you don't see on TV but it's being used increasingly by real life crime scene investigators and that's "Hand Held Digital Forensics" Now they can take a cellular phone, Palm Pilot or PDA and uncover all the deleted text messages, pictures or address book entries. they can even recover caller Id and ring tones. But this technology is not just limited to murder investigations by the elite CSI division of major police dept's in Miami or NYC. It's available to the average soccer mom that is suspicious about her husbands activity after his trip to that Las Vegas convention. We spoke with Ed Opperman Pres of Accurate Information Recovery Inc based in Las Vegas. He also owns and operates a web site devoted to catching cyber stalkers and cheating spouses. "You would be shocked at what we can uncover in just a few minutes of examining a cell phone. Deleted pics from strip joints and bachelor parties are something we see everyday"I guess what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

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