Saturday, August 18, 2007

Digital Forensics: Detective Work at it’s Best

Years ago, if you suspected that a loved one was cheating on you, you could call the cell phone company and get a list of all the calls he or she made. It wasn’t too hard to get your hands on cell phone records back then. Today, with new legislation passed, the only way to find this information is to be the owner of the phone and able to probe it. So what can be done you ask?

Digital forensics is the idea of taking apart a cell phone, blackberry, trio or palm pilot and finding what’s inside. Your cheating spouse or cheating employee might think they’re off the hook when they click the “delete” button but are in for a surprise. Today’s technology, digital forensics can exam information such as deleted text messages, pictures, caller ID numbers, and address book entries. Even deleted pictures can be retrieved. This is especially helpful if you have a damaged phone with valuable information. Phone fell in the toilet? All is not lost!

Timelines, link analysis, tower location analysis, call records and other information can be retrieved easily and affordably. There is no end to the possibilities. Another new technology breakthrough is to give your spouse or employee a phone installed with GPS. This new technology can track their every move and is perfectly legal. These tools can be used for identity theft, infidelity, and other crimes. There is no reason not to order digital forensics. Most services will return your phone back to you on the same day it was received. Your spouse will think he just misplaced his phone and you will have the evidence you need for court!

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