Thursday, June 7, 2007

Defamation and Libel on the Internet

On the Internet, where abnormal behavior is the status quo, temperscan flare in the heat of debate and word wars can last for days oreven weeks. It's not uncommon for users to ridicule, harass or insultthose who disagree with them.This is common in chat rooms and message boards. It's a well known problem on Usenet.But if you damage someone's reputation by trying to embarrass them ina public forum, you could be sued for libel or defamation. After all,there's no reason to assume that the messages you send throughcyberspace are immune from lawsuits.
There have only been a handful of libel and defamation lawsuits filedinvolving the Internet so far, but as the Net grows, the number oflawsuits will probably increase. If the few court battles that havebeen decided involving libel and defamation on the Net are anyindication of how the law will be applied to the Internet in thefuture, it's worth your time to learn what's libelous or defamatory onthe Internet and what's not.
One problem is the misconception of complete anonymity on the Internet. Most people believe that they can hide behind a screen name or email address. But this is not true. It is possible for a private investigator with the right training and experience to track down and identify these Internet terrorists and provide you with enough information to take the appropriate legal action.

the trained investigators at are specialists in locating and identifying these cyber stalkers and those that engage in unlawful activity like libel and defamation.

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