Monday, July 11, 2011

Reverse Email Search Investigation Can Prove Violation of TPO Or Restraining Order

Sometimes when a person has a TRO or restraining order prohibiting a person from contacting you. That person will set up a fake email account and use that anonymous fake account to continue harassing you. They think they are in the clear and untraceable because they are not using their usual email address. But is actually possible to trace that anonymous email account right back to the sender using a reverse email search investigation. You can prove that the email was written and sent by the person the court has ordered cease all contact and communication with you. Even the most savvy computer geek that thinks he knows about proxy servers and anonymous emails can be can be traced and caught by these trained investigators.

This type of investigation into the author and origin of an email and the accompanying report you can submit to the court will be devastating evidence against the person that is violating the courts no contact order. Conversely if a person is accused of violating a TRO by sending anonymous emails this same type of investigation can produce evidence exonerating the accused, proving they did not or could not possibly sent the emails in question.

A reverse email investigation is conducted by private investigators that specialize in tracing emails back to the senders and producing reports that can be used in court. These investigators have years of experience in locating and identifying people from very little information. Long before email was even invented PIs have been experts at locating people. Now in the digital age every keystroke on a computer will leave a trail that can be traced right back to the senders computer.

A reverse email investigation can also be used to clear a defendant that is accused of violating a TRO and sending emails to a plaintiff. The same investigative techniques can be used to trace the email and through a forensic examination and comparison of the headers prove that the email could not possibly have been sent by a defendant.

If you are a litigant in a court case, TPO or otherwise and you intend to use an email as evidence you had better not walk into court empty handed. Today the courts are aware of email tracing and also email forging. So you had better bring in a report of a reverse email search investigation prepared by a qualified investigator.

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