Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Case Study Of An Average Reverse Email Search Investigation

In this article we will attempt to describe what the average email trace investigation entails. We will describe the reasons for most common type of reverse email search investigation and the steps a private investigator or law enforcement may take to trace that email and locate or identify the sender.

Email trace investigations take a variety of forms but the most common are the following:

1 Infidelity Accusation. This when a husband or wife will receive an email basically saying, "your spouse is cheating." When a private investigator receives this kind of case it is almost always easily resolved because the parties receiving the email will usually have a person in mind that suspect is ending the emails. This makes the investigation very easy because there is information to examine and compare that can either rule out suspects or result in a direct match to a suspect. This kind of match is very powerful evidence and can be used in court to obtain a restraining order.

2. Workplace Disputes This is when an employer or coworker will receive "whistleblowing" emails. These emails usually contain false and defamatory accusation and are sent with the intention of poisoning the minds of management or coworkers against the target of the email accusations. Once again this type of investigation is also very simple and routine because we are starting the investigation with a limited number of suspects. In addition we can assume the work hours of the suspect and tailor our investigation to obtain computer information about the stalkers workplace computer as well as their home computer or mobile device.

3. Church, School or Social Network. Many times a cyber stalking case will take among mutual members of a common group or organization. Once again this creates a limited number of suspects and once again, we can do comparison examinations to rule out suspects one by one until we get an exact match.

It is very rare for the target of a cyber stalker not to have any suspects in mind. They usually know exactly who is doing it but just need solid proof. The victim is often intimidated because they believe their stalker is very computer savvy and skilled at covering their tracks. This is flawed thinking. The fact is that cyber stalkers are very easily caught and identified. In fact the computer savvy ones are the easiest to catch because in their overconfidence they become sloppy and trip them selves up.

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