Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is Your Husband Having an Extramarital Affair?

He comes in late at night, spends a lot of time at the office, or wants to hit the shower the second he arrives at home. Maybe he's guarding his cell phone calls, becoming more secretive about his emails, or quickly closing his web browser when you approach him while he's on the computer. You see the telltale signs, and can't help but wonder -- is your husband having an extramarital affair?
In the not-so-distant past, extramarital affairs took place solely between co-workers, people who met at the bar or a restaurant, or even at the library. Nowadays, men who are ready and willing to break from their marital vows overwhelm online personals websites, and even classified ads websites, with "married but looking" ads. In fact, while it is offensive to anybody who holds the sanctity of marriage dear, studies of search engine queries report that there is an increasing number of people looking for online personals sites that cater to the husband looking to stray.

While the differences between a cheater of ten years ago and a cheater today are negligible, because the venue for cheating husbands has opened itself to the internet -- there are many more ways to catch a cheating husband than ever before. Bottom line: if your husband is having an extramarital affair and he is using online dating websites, personals websites, or even if he is simply using his cell phone to communicate with another woman -- there are discreet ways to catch him cheating.

Now, if you do suspect that your husband is having an extramarital affair, probably the worst thing you could do initially is to confront him on your suspicions. If you're right -- your husband may be able to explain away your suspicions, and he'll likely be even more careful in the future. If you're wrong about him having an affair -- you could do irreparable harm to your relationship, harm which you may not be able to undo.

If you are at the point where you are sure that your husband is having an extramarital affair, the best thing for you to do is observe. Make a note of his actions, reactions, and mannerisms. If things continue, and you cannot get your "gut feeling" to go away -- your next step should be to hire an investigator, or purchase online investigation services. Hiring a private investigator is generally fairly pricey, but if you suspect that your husband has used the internet to instigate his extramarital affair, online investigation services are a great starting point and in many cases will either prove, or disprove, your husband's extramarital infidelity.

It is a terrible feeling to even think that your husband could be cheating on you, but for the sake of your relationship, it's best that you do not confront him right away. Observe him, and if you can't shake the feeling after a period of time, find an investigation firm that will help you to alleviate your suspicions, one way or another.

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detect an affair said...

It really hurts to find out that your husband is having an affair. Although it is not good to doubt with your husband because it will look like you're not trusting him. But what else could we do? If you're really bothered if he's having an affair. Do a quiet investigation so that he's won't be able to catch you spying on him.

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