Friday, May 2, 2008

The Prodigal Loved One: Find by SS#

Looking for people in recent times has been easier due to a number of requirements and identifying markers. Individuals who may have been lost for several years or decades may even change their identity or develop other means of avoiding to be found. However, technological advances are now more helpful than ever to locate and find by SS# and other leads. You can finally search people all across the United States and even the world with all other relevant details and information.

A social security number or SSN is issued to citizens, permanent residents as well as temporary working residents in order to locate and find individuals for taxation. In the United States, the numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration of the U.S. Federal Government in order to properly collect taxes and provide benefits to all legal workers. It is also used to keep people from running away from due taxes since workers are required to have SSN before being allowed to work. Other agencies have then learned to rely on the SS# to also find individuals all across the country.

There are several reasons why people need to be searched using the SS#:

1. The person has been missing or reported lost for a long period of time and is being sought by loved ones and family.

2. The person is running away from the law due to commission of a crime or trying to avoid taxes.

3. The person is needed for legal procedures such as being witness to a crime.

Keep in mind that there is no U.S. law requiring citizens and residents to apply for a SS# in order to legally live and work in the country. However, so many transactions involving finances and other investments rely on the number to credit an individual or deem someone committed to any activity. Some people will also always ask for your SS# first before finding you trustworthy. Several agencies in the United States also use or index individuals by their social security number such as banks, hospitals and schools.

Even if someone has been missing for decades, it will be easier for agencies and online companies and people search engines to locate him or her with an existing SS#. To find by SS#, you simply have to input the numbers in a search box or submit them to a professional who will sort out and analyze with a very large database containing possible matches from people working in thousands of companies in different states. Any changes are expected to be updated as well so you will most likely be led to the existent and functional SS#.

Since it is very difficult to enter any financial activities or immediately gain services or benefits from agencies without an SS#, people in recent times are expected to have one. Even those who have committed a crime or are trying to run away from the law will most likely ask for issuance of one in a new location. This serves as an identifier that can easily be detected online since the codes are inputted in a database that can be accessed by legitimate parties. There are also laws requiring the use of other people's SS# since there are risks involved if it falls in the wrong hands. Once a match is found, the person's name, location, contact number and other relevant details will be revealed.

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