Friday, May 23, 2008

The affiliate program.

The affiliate program.

I've gotten a lot of emails lately asking questions about the affiliate program. I guess the link is not self explanatory. First a disclaimer then I'll try to describe step by step how it works and how to make it work for you.

Disclaimer : You won't get rich quick. True there are some "super affiliates" that get rich through affiliate programs but I don't have any of those yet. My biggest affiliate makes $600 a month and my average affiliate makes about $85 a month. But it's really easy to make that.

Here's how it works in a nutshell.

First you follow this link and sign up to the affiliate program. It's free , easy , no investment anonymous. You don't have to give a real name just an email address that has a pay pal account.

When you sign up you get your unique "affiliate link" and access to banner ads. Anytime someone clicks on that link a 30 day cookie goes on their browser. any purchases they make on will earn you a 10% commission.

All you have to do is put the link or banner in your signature line of your emails, myspace page, message board posts, blogs etc. The more you promote your affiliate link the more people will see it, visit it bookmark it and make purchases on the site.
We have services that we sell for $500 so everytime someone makes a $500 purchase you get paid 10% via pay pal.
There's more details here at this link.
But it only takes a few minutes to get started, a few minutes a month to set up you link in blogs or signature lines.

I hope this explains enough to get you started. Once you sign up I can give you individual advice and support on how to write articles and blog posts that will help you take your affiliate program to the next level. I also have other links to other sites that also pay out high commissions and one your up and rolling I can help you add more programs.
Get more details and sign up here:
Affiliate program

If you would like to earn 10% on sales made through a link to us from your site, it's as easy as filling out a simple form, setting up the link and hopefully sitting back to watch the sales come in.

Program features

* 10% of all sales that are generated from your link
* Instant notification by email of a sale through your account
* Password protected page to check sales and update account info
* Link to specific sections of the site or to our home page
* Full technical support
* 30 day active cookie
* Receive payments via Paypal.

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