Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you a victim of cyber-bullying?

It is funny, in a sad way, that no matter what form of communication we use people can find negative uses for it and find ways to make other peoples lives hell. Now with the 'always on' world that we live in it is becoming increasingly easy for people to get to you for good and bad purposes.

Maybe it is the apparent anonymity of text messages, emails and chatrooms that has fuelled the sharp increase in cyber-bullying in recent years? I mean in a face to face situation the person usually has to have some power over you, being bigger than you, being higher up in an organisation, or being in company when you are not. All those are situations where a bully will start to emerge and stalk their prey, but behind the electronic shield of modern communications then it could be a 11 year old child who is bullying an adult!

Yes that's right, it is not just children who are victims of cyber-bullying, adults are just as susceptible if not more (due to adults having accumulated more problems they want to take out on people). A recent survey by i-SAFE inc shows 42% of kids have been bullied online and 58% of kids have been subjected to hurtful communications online, so the figure for adults may be even higher…

So what can you do? Nobody should be subjected to any sort of harassment in my opinion and should not even have to try and avoid it, but if you do need to then there are methods you can use.
The first technique is to change your details, change your email address, change your chatroom name, change your mobile number or house phone number, this should prevent that person from contacting you. Of course they can identify you again, from your messages, or try and find out your new home number etc, even worse, they could spread malicious information about you all over the internet in frustration.

The second technique is to try and get some official sources involved. Contact the chatroom owners, if the perpetrator contacts you via email go to their email provider or internet service provider, even better, go to the police! Of course none of these may be able to, or be willing to help, so in steps technique number three…

The third technique is to fight them on their own ground, did you know you can hire a Private Investigator to trace email addresses, phone numbers, even identify withheld or blocked numbers that keep calling you? With that information in hand you can then set about getting the police involved or just take away their anonymity, if you let them know that you are aware they live just three doors up from you then they will probably stop for good!

You either fight or flee, either way can work, but do not let the bullying continue by stubbornly refusing to let it affect your life and change your details or seek help, the psychological strain is just not worth it.
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