Saturday, September 27, 2008

Email Investigations - The 5 Main Categories

An Email Investigation is just what it would appear to be, an investigation into an email address and the person behind it.

There are a few subcategories into what can be investigated about an email.
* Internet Profiling
* Online Infidelity
* Identification
* Location
* Online Risk Assessment

* Internet Profiling
Internet Profiling is when an investigator will do an online search using search engines to try to uncover online activity associated with an email address. The investigator will usually attempt to locate the subject on social network sites and message board forums and attempt to put together a profile of the persons habits, hobbies, employment, temperament etc.

* Online Infidelity
Online Infidelity Investigation is when an investigator will take an email address and search out all the online dating sites and personals to find out which sites that email address is currently in use.

* Identification-Identify By Email
An identification investigation is when an investigator will take an email address and attempt to identify the real name address and phone number of the person using that email address. This is usually associated with a cyber stalking investigation or an online defamation case.

* Location- Locate By Email
A location investigation is when you already know the name of the person behind the email but you need to locate their exact location they are at when they open an email.
This is usually associated with a bail jumper , runaway teenager or non custodial parental abduction cases.

* Online Risk Assessment
This investigation is a reversal of the above mentioned investigations. This is done when a client is concerned about their vulnerability to identity theft or online cyber stalkers and they request a search of their own personal information to see how vulnerable they may be to online crime.

As you can see there is an wealth of information that can be obtained from only an email address. Many times a person may be a victim of cyber stalking or online fraud and they feel helpless because all they have is an anonymous free email account like Yahoo or AOl or Hotmail. All of these email account owners can be traced, located, identified and a full background report can be conducted on them.

There are many investigators that are familiar with the online investigations above but only a few actually specialize in the field of online investigations. So if you need an email investigation be sure to find out if the investigator you are about to hire has experience in the field.

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