Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating Online

Do you have a feeling your spouse is using the Internet to cheat on you? If you suspect they are, here are four signs you need to know about how they could be using the Internet to cheat on you.
With the internet it has become a lot easier for men and women to cheat on their spouse. There has been a study done that shows that 44% of males and 27% of women have cheated on their spouse using the internet.

Catching someone cheating on the Internet is actually harder to do. So you need to watch for the 4 signs your spouse is using the internet to cheat on you.

One: If your spouse is staying online all hours of the day or night and they don't have an internet business or another legitimate reason for the time spent online then this is a good sign that your spouse is cheating on you over the internet.

Two: Another good sign your spouse is cheating is when you walk into the room where the computer is and they minimize or shut it down really fast.

Three: If your spouse has password protected the computer all of a sudden when they never did this before. Or when they change the password for their computer to something that you don't know then this is a good sign that they are trying to hide something, which usually means they are cheating online.

You can casually bring up the password change to your spouse and then watch their reaction. Do they become irritable and hostile? Do they provide you with an explanation and offer to let you know the new password?

Four: You find that every time you get on your computer the history has been cleaned out? If you do then this is a definite sign that your spouse is trying to hide something from you.

Most people will only clean out their history every couple of months. If you notice your history being cleaned out all the time you will want to ask your spouse about this and see what their reaction is.

Find out what reason they give you. If you don't notice the history being cleaned out every day but you still suspect your spouse of cheating then you can check the history record to find out where your spouse if spending their time online.

If you notice any of these 4 signs your spouse is using the internet to cheat on you then you need to confront your spouse about them. Find out what they say, but remember, they probably will not be truthful with you.

Cheating spouses don't want to get caught so they will do everything they can to make you think that you are imagining things. Just remember the signs you have seen that make you think they are cheating.

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